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Shaped by news –
an interactive website about fake news

Social Media and news are very closely connected. In these times of the epidemic, we are even more reliant on the Internet. However it is very hard to figure out whether the information we consume daily are true or false. On this matter Daniela Vogel and I have created a 3D-city which is completely developed in the Web and user-interactive.

This project was exhibited at the Ars Electronica Garden Berlin 2021 and Futurium Lab.

The website collects fake news from all over the Internet and visualizes them to create an image of a world where hoaxes are true. We particularly want to show how a new point of view helps to have a clearer picture. Instead of feeling overwhelmed in the crowd of information one should take a step back and see everything as a whole to detect the hoaxes before spreading them.

Explore the world of fake news here!

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